GST 2017


Since the roll out of GST (Goods and Services Tax), the government has come up with a slew of measures aimed at troubleshooting the hiccups in the Implementation of the new tax regime. The latest step taken In this regard Is launch of a helphne to deal with 'unscrupulous elements posing as GOT officers'.

On Saturday, tweets by the official Twitter handle of the Ministry of Finance, alerted about conmen posing as 'GST officers' to harass shopkeepers and customers.

Its reported that some unurupulous elements posing as GST officers have tried to fleece the shopkeepers & customers in the name of GST.
— Ministry of Finance (@FinMinIndia) 1499499762000

Office of Chief Commissioner of GST (Delhi Zone) clarified that Deptt. only wants to facilitate shopkeepers & traders during transit period.
- Ministry 0f Finance (DiFinMinIndia) 1499499855000

In the same series of tweets, Finance Ministry also clarified that government officials are not in power to conduct any such visits to 'premises of traders and shopkeepers' without authorisation.

It has further clarified that no officer of the Dept. is authorized to visit the premises of the traders &shopkeepers without authorization
— Ministry of Finance l@FinMinlndia) 1499499945000

In a bid to deal with this menace, the Finance Ministry has also floated a helpline number and urged people to complain in case of any such harassment The government has urged the people to complain at the telephone number 011-23370115.

In case of any difficulty people concerned are requested to complain at Phone No. 011-23370115,Central Revenue Building,I.P. Estate,N.flelfu
— Ministry of Finance (@FinMinIndia) 14.500037000