Will duty Drawback scheme continue under GST regime? If yes, what will be the rates of Drawback?

Yes. Duty Drawback scheme with certain modifications
will continue under the GST regime. The changes in the
said scheme are as follows:
• The Drawback shall be available only of Customs duties
on imported inputs and Central Excise duty on items
specified in the Fourth Schedule to the Central Excise Act
1944 (specified petroleum products, tobacco etc.) used as
inputs or fuel for captive power generation.
• As an export facilitation measure, for the transition period
of 3 months, from July to September, 2017, Drawback
at higher composite rates will continue to be granted
subject to certain safeguards i.e. for claiming the higher
rate of drawback, the exporter has to make a declaration
and certificate is required that no Input Tax Credit (ITC)
of CGST/IGST is claimed, no refund of IGST paid on export
goods is claimed and no CENVAT credit is carried forward.
• In absence of such certification, drawback will be
restricted to the customs portion of drawback.