What is GSP (GST Suvidha Provider)?

The GST System is being developed by Infosys, the
Managed Service Provider (MSP). The work consists of
development of GST Core System, provisioning of required
IT infrastructure to host the GST System and running and
operating the system for five years.
The proposed GST envisages all filings by taxpayers
electronically. To achieve this, the taxpayer will need tools
for uploading invoice information, matching of input
tax credit (ITC) claims, creation of party-wise ledgers,
uploading of returns, payment of taxes, signing of such
document with digital signature etc.
The GST System will have a G2B portal for taxpayers
to access the GST Systems, however, that would not be
the only way for interacting with the GST system as the
taxpayer via his choice of third party applications, which
will provide all user interfaces and convenience via
desktop, mobile, other interfaces, will be able to interact
with the GST system. The third party applications will
connect with GST system via secure GST system APIs. All
such applications are expected to be developed by third
party service providers who have been given a generic
name, GST Suvidha Provider or GSP.
Taxpayers will interface with GST System via GST system
portal or via GSP ecosystem provided by way of applications
for activities such as Registration, Tax payments, Returns
filing and other information exchange with GST core
system. The GSPs will become the user agencies of the GST
system APIs and build applications and web portals as
alternate interface for the taxpayers.