There is a gross confusion on the tax applicable for Embroidered Sarees and Fabric. Typically, principal manufacturers supply fabric/Sarees to Job workers and get various embroidery designs done on the fabric/sarees. We understand that the textile jobworker would charge an output supply GST of 5% on the composite jobwork supply. This embroidery fabric/ saree are then sold by the principal manufacturers to wholesale and retail sellers. What would be the output GST applicable on such embroidered fabric/sarees when the same is sold by the principal manufacturer?

The rate of 5% would be chargeable on the job process
relating to the textile yarns (other than Man Made Fibre/
Filament) and fabrics. Sarees are treated as fabrics and
a saree remains fabrics only as no new item emerges having
distinct name, character and use. Stitching of two or more
different kinds of fabrics also does not take away its classification.
Therefore, the sarees whether embroidered or
not would be taxed at the same rate at which the fabric
is taxed.