Who is an e-commerce operator?

Section 43B(e) of the MGL defines an Electronic
Commerce Operator (Operator) as every person who,
directly or indirectly, owns, operates or manages an
electronic platform which is engaged in facilitating
the supply of any goods and/or services. Also a person
providing any information or any other services incidental
to or in connection with such supply of goods and services
through electronic platform would be considered as an
Operator. A person supplying goods/services on his own
account, however, would not be considered as an Operator.
For instance, Amazon and Flipkart are e-commerce
Operators because they are facilitating actual suppliers
to supply goods through their platform (popularly called
Market place model or Fulfillment Model). However, Titan
supplying watches and jewels through its own website
would not be considered as an e-commerce operator for the
purposes of this provision. Similarly Amazon and Flipkart
will not be treated as e-commerce operators in relation
to those supplies which they make on their own account
(popularly called inventory Model).