What is the coverage of the MLI? How many treaties will be modified?

With over 70 jurisdictions participating in the first signing ceremony of the MLI, the MLI already has a significant impact on the worldwide network of tax treaties:
• 76 countries and jurisdictions have signed the MLI or have expressed their intention to sign the instrument o 67 countries and jurisdictions have signed the MLI, covering 68 jurisdictions. o Nine countries and jurisdictions have signed a letter expressing their intent to sign the MLI. o Additional countries and jurisdictions are actively working to prepare for signature in the near future. • 2,365 is the total number of unique treaties listed by the Signatories in their MLI Positions. • 1,105 treaties are already matched between the Signatories and will be modified by the MLI. • Over 85% of all treaties concluded between the Signatories will be modified through the MLI. It is expected that the remaining treaties will be modified either through bilateral negotiations or by extending the list of treaties to be covered by the MLI at a later stage. 1,150 additional treaties between Signatories and non-Signatories have already been listed. Accordingly, as more countries will join the MLI in the coming period, the number of matched agreements will increase rapidly.