GST 2017

About Us

If you happened to search “GST” on Google during the first week of July 2017, about 106000000 results would pop up. The number now is exponentially more. The fact yells out a demand for knowledge on GST.

Having been in the software and indirect tax sector for more than two decades, this demand was not let go un-noticed by us. Experts who were pursuing individual professions came together in a marriage of technology with taxation, and was born.

We have designed this website in such a way that it can be a rich source of knowledge and information on the surface, and if you dive into its ecosystem, an ocean of GST compliant possibilities. Even if you are a casual visitor, you can take back a slice of GST with you, not to mention the smile hanging from your lips courtesy the entertaining memes and news.

If you are a businessman, you can use the capabilities of a 100TB Server and 24×7 Helpdesk to comply with GST return filing and inventory keeping with state-of-the-art software. We have a dedicated team of professionals working round-the-clock to ensure that your business flourishes, with you at the helm, with your GST-related worries taken care of by us.

So hop on! Together, let’s take the GST bull by its horn!